NBD has a set of functions that act as a backbone while it carrying out it’s mandate.

Advocacy NBD was created to influence policy development so as to ensure equitable utilization and sustainable management of the Nile Basin resources. NBD advocates for cooperation and coordinated development and management of water, land, and related resources in order to maximize economic and social welfare without compromising the sustainability of vital environmental systems, within the Nile Basin.

Communication, Knowledge and Information Management: NBD has established an information system that allows all stakeholders, at all levels, to access the information available on Nile Cooperation and give feedback. This system has facilitated and built trust among beneficiary communities enabling open accountability, effective communication and reduction of complexities in scaling up of development initiatives at local and national level. As a consequence, stakeholders level of understanding and participation in the Nile basin development processes has increased, there has been improved information flow and feedback on identified Nile basin issues, research to establish civil society perspectives on development agendas continues to be undertaken and this information has been documented and disseminated to relevant stakeholders.

Convening Power: NBD provides a platform for facilitating dialogue between its multiple stakeholders. This has resulted, in some instances, in changes to policies, laws, and institutions.

Technical Expertise: NBD has proven intellectual leadership on Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) approach to Nile Basin development initiatives. NBD website is a public, online, up-to-date, knowledge center with the tools, references, and case studies needed to enable communities to identify problems, develop pilot projects to solve the problems and participate more effectively in decision making process. The knowledge created by the network is shared at global, regional, national and local levels.

Building Partnership: Enhanced partnership between the public, private and civil society sectors has enabled NBD get leaders from diverse backgrounds into the same room, to overcome lingering divisions, assess Nile Basin community needs, and begin to develop powerful, integrated river basin management strategies. NBD partnerships create a platform for Nile Basin civil society leaders to find common ground and common agenda to change the balance of power in their region and put the broader public interest back into public policy. Building Partnerships has helped NBD to nurture a new progressive movement from the grassroots up. NBD welcomes more member and partner organizations including other river basin organizations, to share experiences, people, capital, and ideas so as to break down boundaries and unlock potential that will eventually increase benefits for the Nile Basin communities.

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