Population pressure, intensifying living standards and the rapidly increased industrial world are increasing the demand on water, food and energy, necessitating a holistic action called the nexus. The inter-linkage of this nexus has emerged as a popular concept and is now a key feature of policy making. This is be-cause it takes huge sums of water to create food and energy and also takes huge energy to move food from place to place, generate heat, treat water, and produce food. Food crops are sometimes used as a source of energy.
The complex triangular -pillar relationship, referred to as the water-food-energy nexus, is an intricate puzzle, in which the increased demand for each limited resource can significantly affect the security of all three. The water, energy and food (WEF) nexus means that the three sectors (water security, energy security and food security) are inextricably linked and those actions in one area more often than not have impacts in one or both of the others.

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