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With regards to natural resources protection, sustainable development and poverty reduction, the NBI (Nile Basin Initiative) has set up in the region of equatorial lakes the development of project of fighting against climate change and its effects.This way, the DRCNDF has instituted a strategic plan identifying actions of advocacy aiming implicating the civil society in programs and projects of the government and NBI for the...Download the Full Report Publication dateSaturday, 03 March 2012Publication typeForum ReportsDownload the Full Report
There was a satisfactory and representative participation of the project’s stakeholders namely representatives of local populations, representatives of local associations including the representatives of women and Batwa ( pygmies), local leaders, the villages ‘elected officials of the constituencies which will be directly affected by the project, the different administrations found in Giteranyi District and in Muyinga Province , the delegates of the concerned Ministries , the MPs elected in Muyinga, different NGOs operating in the region ,...
"...water is life”, and yet there are observations already to the effect that the waters of the Nile are dwindling, which has profound impact on the future of millions of people in Uganda and other countries in the basin. It is our collective responsibility to guard jealously this resource by engaging in activities that contribute positively to the survival of the Nile. I call upon everybody to work towards achieving our vision of ‘‘one Nile, one family...". Chairman, UNDFDownload the Full Report Publication dateThursday, 20...
As part of implementing recommendations of the Nile Equatorial Lakes sub-region Multi-Stakeholders’ Forum held in Kigali, in March 2011 by civil society representatives and experts, NBDF Rwanda organised the 3rd National Stakeholders Forum.100 participants from all major sectors; Government, Private Sector, Academicians, Donors, Embassies, CSOs, CBOs, NGOs, Local administrative units in provinces affected...Download the Full Report Publication dateThursday, 15 September 2011Publication typeForum ReportsDownload the Full Report
About 135 participants from the Parliament, International organisations, Cooperation Agencies, Key ministries involved in natural resources management (including ministries in charge of Environment, Agriculture, Energy, and Interior Affairs), civil society organisations/members of NDF and journalists, attended the workshop. This report summarises activities, conclusions and recommendations of the forum.Download the Full Report Publication dateFriday, 10 December 2010Publication typeForum ReportsDownload the Full Report

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