NBD Network Statement on Nile Day 2019 - February 22nd, Kigali - Rwanda
Theme: Putting Water at the Heart of Regional Transformation

Dear citizens of the Nile,
Greetings and Happy Nile Day 2019, and NBI at 20 years
On behalf of the Nile Basin Discourse and on my own behalf, allow me to express my deep pleasure on being part of the celebrations of the regional Nile Day of February 22nd 2019, and the NBI at 20 years. I say thank you to NBI and to the Republic of Rwanda for hosting this historical day here in Kigali- Rwanda..........

This statement was delivered by Ms. Verdiane Nyiramana (Vice Chairperson -NBD Executive Board) on behalf of Prof. Muawia Shaddad (Chairperson - NBD Executive Board)

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