NBD Communication and Outreach Strategy (2016)
The Communication and Outreach – NBD Strategy (2016), is a finalized version of an earlier draft by the Nile Basin Discourse (NBD) in 2012, with support from the Department for International Development (DFID) – GoV.UK funding.  
The finalization, which brings together the two elements of communication and outreach, has been undertaken with support from the Cooperation in International Waters in Africa (CIWA) funding managed by World Bank, under the Project: “Engaging civil society for social and climate resilience in the Nile Basin” of 2013 to 2019.
The NBD then in 2012 had undertaken several staff and partner consultations in defining its communication strategy, to ensure that the NBD Secretariat and the NDF Units communicate on emerging issues and advocate with development partners and governments at both initiated and invited platforms as appropriate. The strategy was intended for supporting both the vertical and horizontal communication lines. However, at the material time, there was minimal focus on the grassroots community outreach element in the strategy.
The strategy maps out NBD’s communication and outreach priorities towards achieving the overall organisational objectives. It is designed with a close link to the Monitoring and Evaluation – NBD Strategy (2016). Furthermore, the strategy is built on views and experiences that have guided NBD through its growth since 2003; with the aim of effectively enhancing its communication, reach out to grassroots communities’ needs and enhance NBD’s activity plans around communications. Consequently, the document strives to be a holistic strategy that generates effective communication and outreach activities for impact.
The strategy ought to be seen as a working document that is referred to and continuously amended and updated accordingly. Communication and outreach plans shall be designed to enhance the operationalization.

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