Vulnerable communities’ inclusivity: A key issue out of D.R. Congo - Nile Voices, 3rd Release 2015
Stories in this Issue - Nile Basin Discourse launches stakeholder mapping - Preparing for the worst: NBD Builds capacity of stakeholders on climate risk management - Nile Day 2015: Water and Improved Livelihoods opportunities in Nile Cooperation - NBD keen to nurture Nile Cooperation - NBD Secretariat strengthened - In the next Issue
Dear Readers,
Welcome to the Nile Voices of the 3rd quarter 2015. The issue contains briefs on: the emerging issues out of the D. R. Congo as a concluding country in NBD stakeholder mapping and the capacity building on climate risk management of July 2015, the September 2015 workshop that discussed the draft stakeholder mapping report that covered in details data and information scoped out by the exercise undertaken in ten NBRS. In the same period, NBD forged partnerships with two centres of the NBI that focus on Subsidiary Action Programs (SAPs) namely ENTRO and NELCU.
In the case of ENTRO, an MoU was signed on 31st July 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia while the case of NELSAP, a Letter of Agreement (LoA), as an annex to the existing NBD-NBI MoU, was signed 15th September 2015 in Kigali, Rwanda. Both the MoU and the LoA have similar understandings with the roles of NBD touching on grassroots community inclusivity at planning and implementation of project. The parties are to collaboratively facilitate consultations, outreach communications and discourse platforms on cooperation on the Nile.

Dear readers, hear the Nile Voices and a warm welcome to the website www.nilebasindiscourse.org.

Dr. Hellen Natu, NBD Regional Manager

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