A Feedback Platform on Cluster1 - Nile Voices, 2nd Release 2015
Stories in this Issue - Nile Basin Discourse launches stakeholder mapping - Preparing for the worst: NBD Builds capacity of stakeholders on climate risk management - Nile Day 2015: Water and Improved Livelihoods opportunities in Nile Cooperation - NBD keen to nurture Nile Cooperation - NBD Secretariat strengthened - In the next Issue
Dear Readers,
Welcome to the Nile Voices for the 2nd quarter 2015. The Nile voices are communicating with the public on activities, the results and stakeholder/community emerging issues. Read in here, the discussion platform of 30th April 2015 on the findings of completed stakeholder mapping of cluster1 countries Ethiopia, South Sudan and Sudan; progress on stakeholder mapping exercise and capacity building on climate risk management in the remaining cluster1 country Egypt; in addition to cluster2 countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda; and cluster3 countries of Rwanda, and Burundi.

Stories in this Issue

- A Feedback Platform on Cluster1
- NBD ensues with stakeholder mapping
- NBD committed to promote Nile Cooperation
- NBD in Korea
- NBD awards media
- In the next Issue

In April 2015, the Nile Voices take the reader to NBD’s presence at the 7th World Water Forum in South Korea contributing to different panel sessions on the roles of Civil Society Organizations, on issues of water resources management and stakeholder/community inclusivity in development agendas of the Nile Basin.

In the last month of the quarter, NBD was active in events including the 23rd Nile Council of Ministers (NILE-COM) meeting held in Dodoma on 4th June 2015, a meeting that had brought together Ministers in charge of water resources, development partners; NBI and NBD representatives. At the same venue and date, NBD’s voice was heard as it awarded the 1st runner up in Radio media from Burundi’s Private Radio NDERA AGAKURA.

Dear readers, a window is open for you in the NBD Nile Voices as the “Inner Voice”. The “Inner Voice” space is welcoming views and ideas to cross-cutting issues of Climate Change, Water, Gender and livelihood in the Nile riparian states. All opinions will be incorporated in the spaces provided. Claim the space and let us hear the voice.

Happy reading! 

Dr. Hellen Natu, NBD Regional Manager

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