Eastern Nile Bahir Dar Exchange Visit (Egypt- Ethiopia- Sudan- South Sudan) - Nile Voices: Volume 17 | Issue 1

Stories in this Issue

- Introduction and Context
- Overview of NBD 5 year Plan
- Background of the Bahir Dar Exchange Visit
- Visit to Blue Nile falls
- Bahir Dar Exchange Visit Key Messages
Bahir Dar Exchange Visit Key Messages:
1. AFFORESTATION: NBD will be the safe space for regional dialogue on Eastern Nile Cooperation in the implementation of community based afforestation projects.
2. SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS: NBD will foster peer to peer learning and act as an early warning advisory, through strengthening CSO and expert networks among EN countries to foster transboundary actions that use culture, science and traditional knowledge to foster Nile Cooperation.
3. BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS: NBD will build confidence and be the vertical link between the communities and the NB governments, NBI and private sector in trans-boundary infrastructure projects, for the benefit of the NB communities. .

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