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Quarter four of 2015, saw the Nile Basin Discourse and the the member National Discourse Forums of Nile Basin Riparian states, focused more and more on issues of collaborative communication and consultation of grassroots communities.
In collaboration with others, the NBD embarked on community consultations on the Nyimur Trans-boundary Project, which is shared between Lamwo District - Uganda and Magwi County, Eastern Equatorial State - South Sudan. The discourse focused on informing communities about the project and further consultation on any likely issues regarding the project. A number of issues emerged from the communities that needed to be addressed from the onset and throughout the project process.

In the same period, the NBD contributed to discussions towards the finalization of the Communication and Consultation Plan of the Baro-Akobo-Sobat Project. This was at a meeting held in Khartoum Sudan. At the meeting, NBD’s pivotal role in the communication and consultations at different levels was emphasized.

At the beginning of November 2015, the NBD befitted from the guidance on Project technical and financial management by a CIWA/World Bank mission team.

In the same quarter, the Rwanda National Discourse Forum, one of the NDF members of NBD presented the results of a concluded EU project that had run for two years. Its focus had been on climate change adaptation to enhance livelihood of communities. With guidance from the NDF and its CSOs members, and by using assets that communities possessed to adapt to climate change, their livelihoods were enhanced.

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Quote of the quarter
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Hellen Natu

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