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Welcome to the Nile Voices for the 1st quarter, 2016, which is communicating in brief various activities implemented in the 3 months of January to March of the year.
Through this newsleter, the reader as a stakeholder, is supposed to be engaged in the CSOs activities as concern cooperation on the Nile and inclusivity of grassroots communities.
This Voices start with a brief article on the presentation of the NBD-CIWA/World Bank project on “Engaging Civil Society for social and climate resilience in the Nile Basin” at the CIWA Advisory Commitee meeting of February 2016 in Kisumu-Kenya.

In the same month, NBD and its Kenyan National Discourse Forum (NDF) were involved in both the Regional and National Nile day 2016 preparations and celebrations.

Again, in the same month a team from The Nile Basin Discourse (NBD) and The Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action on Program (NELSAP) visited Magwi County, Imatong State in South Sudan to conduct stakeholder consultative meetings aimed at engaging communities in the proposed Nyimur project, part of South Sudan.

In March 2016, NBD members participated in the world water day celebrations, whereby one National Discourse Forum, the Rwanda - NDF launched the water supply and sanitation project that is to benefit 1200 members of the community in the Kamonyi District, Southern Province.

The quarter saw NBD trengthen partnership, with GWP-EA to enhance the inclusivity of stakeholders in Nile cooperation.

In this quarter, the determination to reach communities by the CSOs is summarised in this citation...
       Citation: " Let us walk and get to the community waiting since the four wheels cannot pass "
Mr. OKENY James Adot,/ CSOs Repesentative / Nile Discourse Forum - South Sudan.

Happy reading!

Dr. Hellen Natu
Regional Manager

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