The 41st Nile Technical Advisory Committee (Nile-TAC) Meeting - Nile Voices: Volume 31 | Issue 1

Stories in this Issue

 - The 41st Nile Technical Advisory Committee (Nile-TAC) Meeting
- The 22nd Nile Council of Ministers (Nile-COM)
Dear Readers, The Nile Basin Discourse is happy to communicate to you through its June 2014 edition of the Nile Voice newsletter.
In this issue, we look at the 41st Nile technical advisory committee (Nile-TAC) and the 22nd Nile council of ministers (Nile-COM) meeting held on the 16 - 19th June 2014 in Khartoum, Sudan. In these meeting, strategic issues to advance Nile Cooperation as well as NBI operational issues were discussed and decisions made.

This Nile Voice issue also contains a summary of the statements and speeches made by the Nile riparian states Water Affairs Ministers. The report also contains details about the presentation of the NBI progress reports, plans and budgets and draft policy documents to the Nile Council of Minister’s so that they can note progress, review and adopt.

The meeting also facilitated the process of changing the governance positions and top management position, in keeping with NBI’s tradition of rotating the key top positions among member states.

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