THEME:       Integration and Inclusion: New Ideas for collaboration in River Basins Management Policies and Practices

After fifteen years on the ground, the NBD Network has evolved to a more dynamic role in Nile Basin development processes; and a partner for promoting Nile cooperation. The Nile Riparian States face a number of challenges such as the weak Nile cooperation, gender imbalance, climate change, food crises, rapid population growth and urbanization, weak regional integration and slow transition into a green economy. Taking cognizance of these persisting challenges, the Nile Basin Discourse is planting and nurturing the idea of a Bi-Annual collective discourse on emerging issues, best practices, experiences that could tone down challenges of a River Basin. Therefore, NBD is launching in 2017, the first of its kind, the Nile Basin Discourse Summit (NBDS) with the year’s theme “Integration and Inclusion: New Ideas for collaboration in River Basins Management Policies and Practices”.
The objective is “to inclusively discourse on emerging issues, practices and experiences of cooperation and development of River Basin countries.” The NBDS is expected to discourse, arriving at constructive decisions for vertical information to policy making and grassroots communities in addition to arriving at horizontal information on the trans-boundary element.

The NBDS (2017) theme entails three sub-themes that lean on the pillars and strategic directions of empowerment through participation. The three sub-themes call for discussions on cooperation for sustainable development, knowledge exchange and water governance, and innovations. The Summit is to be held from the 29th to the 30th of November 2017 at Entebbe – Uganda.


Nurturing Cooperation for Sustainable Development
Nurturing cooperation for sustainable development sub-theme opens dialogue on enhancement of the all-level, all-inclusive “hands-on” trans-boundary cooperation; collaborative assessment of solutions, experiences and best practices in a river basin; shared water for social and economic development; fast-tracking of actions towards the transformative agenda 2030/SDGs goals; etc.

Knowledge Exchange and Water Governance
Knowledge exchange and water governance sub-theme aims at exchange of ideas on the policy advocacy, accountability and partnerships in water governance; inclusivity and mainstreaming gender, young and special groups in a river basin; a discourse on climate change on poverty, the adaptation and climate risk management; efforts towards water, food and energy security; etc.

Capacity Building and Innovation
Capacity building and awareness raising sub-theme is a pointer to discussions on the knowledge, evidence-base for decision making, and data sharing approaches; systematic efforts to changing power relations; attitudes and beliefs to sharing resources, their costs and benefits inclusivity through learning;  innovative ideas; outreach and media; etc.


- Burundi National Discourse Forum
- D.R. Congo National Discourse Forum
- Egypt National Discourse Forum
- Eritrea National Discourse Forum
- Ethiopia National Discourse Forum
- Kenya National Discourse Forum
- Rwanda National Discourse Forum
- South Sudan National Discourse Forum
- Sudan National Discourse Forum
- Tanzania National Discourse Forum
- Uganda National Discourse Forum

- The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI)
- The Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO)
- The Nile Equatorial Lakes Coordination Unit (NELCU)
- The Inter Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD)
- The Global Water Partnership – Eastern Africa (GWP – EA)
- The Women for Water Partnership – (WFWP)
- The Climate is Water Group (#CIW)
- The Butterfly Effect Group (BE)
Development Partners

- Cooperation on International Waters Africa/World Bank (CIWA/WB)


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