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Overall objective of TNDF
"To share information, views and perspectives through effective dialogue amongst interested and affected parties, from local to international levels related to the work of the Nile Basin Initiative, through which sustainable and equitable development, conservation of the environment, peace and mutual understanding will be promoted within the Lake Victoria Basin of Tanzania ".

Specific objectives of TNDF

To move beyond (past) divisive differences and explore the mutual benefits of cooperation amongst all stakeholders within the lake Victoria Basin of Tanzania;

To identify strategic alliances that may promote social, economic and development equity, and assist in the mobilization of stakeholders;

To elicit early strategic input from stakeholders into the development process in the Lake Victoria Basin of Tanzania, including the pro-active rather than reactive exploration of development alternatives;

To assist in bringing to the discussion table all diverse views, particularly different national and local perspectives with the aim of creating greater understanding and mutual respect;

To help ensure that development in the Lake Victoria Basin of Tanzania reflects the values of the peoples in the basin, that it is multifaceted, and addresses poverty, security and environmental protection, among others;

To provide the understanding that the Lake Victoria Basin of Tanzania is a shared resource;

To address peace and security issues in the Lake Victoria Basin.


TNDF Leadership

Donald Malambo Kasongi
Donald Malambo Kasongi
Donald is a Holder of Masters (Social Policy Analysis), Bachelors of Science and Diploma (Forestry). Donald Kasongi is a researcher and policy analyst at Governance Links Tanzania, a Development Non-Governmental Organisation focusing on Natural Resources, Health and Trade Governance in Tanzania. With expertise in Sustainable Livelihoods, Participatory Natural Resources Management, Pastoralism, Research, Policy analysis, Mainstreaming cross cutting issues in development programmes, Donald has worked in rural and urban livelihood programmes in Sub Saharan Africa for over 15 years. He has authored and co-authored on livelihood systems in Africa, Pastoralism and contemporary cross-cutting issues in development including Governance, HIV/AIDS and Climate Change. Currently he is focusing on Natural Resource Governance and sustainability around Lake Victoria in North Western Tanzania. He chairs the Tanzania Nile Basin Discourse Forum and member to the national working group for Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council.
Email: www.governancelinkstz.or.tz

Ms. Asia Kasuwi Kapande
Ms. Asia Kasuwi Kapande
Ms. Asia Kasuwi Kapande is an Agricultural Food and Nutrition specialist with Masters of Science in Food and Nutrition, Bachelors of Science in Home Economics Education from Agricultural and Technical State University, Greensboro North Carolina USA; Certificate in General Agriculture from Tengeru Agricultural Training Institute, Arusha Tanzania, and Diploma in Home Science Extension from Legon University of Ghana. Asia worked with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperative for 40 years and during this period she was with the research and training department and also worked with various Agricultural institutions in Tanzania, with her experience of over 40 years, she has conducted several consultancies and evaluations, attended numerous conferences including the Beijing Women Conference where she received the Hundred Women’s Heroes World Award and also won the first Agriculture Award for the World Women’s day in Tanzania. Asia has published a number of studies related to Agriculture and upon her retirement, she dedicated her time to volunteer services in different capacities for a number of organisations.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rwegoshora Christian Byamungu
Rwegoshora Christian Byamungu
Christian Byamungu is a lawyer by proeffession from the University of Dar-es Salam with a post graduate diploma from the Law Development Centre, Kampala Uganda. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Facilitation for Integrated Development and Relief Services (FAIDERS) - a local NGO whose core activity is the provision of rural financial services while its subsidiary intervention focuses on environmental related activities. With experience of 20 years in Rural Community Development, Conservation and Legal Support, Christian’s expertise include, Financial Intermediation, Environmental awareness interventions & livelihood, proposal writing, business plan preparations, group mobilization and formalization and also providing legal advisory support. FAIDERS has been a member of the Tanzania National Discourse Forum since 2004.
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