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The Uganda Nile Discourse Forum (UNDF) was launched in 2003 to support civil society participation in the developments in the Nile Basin. UNDF aims at promoting dialogue on sustainable and equitable development, peace and mutual understanding on development issues on the Nile Basin. UNDF also aims at achieving various objectives including civil society support and advocacy.

In May 2006, the UNDF established its first office at the Uganda Wildlife Society (UWS) and today it is at Mawanda Road in Kampala.


The overall objectives of BNDF are as stated in the Constitution adopted on October 3rd 2003.
  • Establish and operationalize the UNDF
  • Develop a comprehensive national action plan
  • Engage with NBI programmes at national and regional level
  • Arrange for the monitoring and evaluation of processes and impacts.


Achilles Byaruhanga
Achilles Byaruhanga
Chairperson UNDF
Achilles Byaruhanga is a biologist with a Master’s of Science in Environment Management and Post graduate in Education and Law. He worked with Makerere University and Ministry of Water and Environment, and he was an associate member of the team that conducted the first ever national wetlands inventory. Achilles led a team that identified the key biodiversity conservation areas in Uganda and supported the government of Uganda to designate 10 wetlands of international importance, Ramsar sites and he has been chairman of regional bodies such as African partnership of BirldLife International and remains engaged with its technical advisory committee.
Achilles has been working with Nature Uganda, the East Africa Natural History Society as the Executive Director since 1995; he has raised and implemented projects worth $10million dollars in biodiversity research, environment conservation, community development and advocacy. He is a researcher and conservationist with many publications of scientific materials and books, Achilles is the Chairperson of the Uganda National Discourse Forum and he is a member and chair of various organisation boards.
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Sarah Kisoro
Sarah .K. Kisolo
UNDF Board Member
Sara .K. Kisolo is a qualified professional Media practitioner, with specialty in Development Communication and Educational Broadcasting Radio Management with Bachelors Degree in Arts-Languages, Diplomas in Journalism from the School of Mass communication FOJO, University of Kalma in Sweden and School of Journalism, Uganda Management Institute Kampala. Additionally Sarah has several certificates in different disciplines of communication that include but not limited; Public speaking (MUK), Behavior Change Communication focused on Health and Nutrition under WHO from School of Mass Communication Dakar – Bangladesh, Popular Traditional Theater Communication by UNFPA– School of Media and Design Arts in Changmai – Thailand. Certificate in Agriculture extension from Busiitema Agriculture Mechanization Institute Tororo (now Public University), Certificate in Community Media management under the UNESCO African regional program.(MARC) Johannesburg SA and Certificates in Environmental Management – under Commonwealth Technical Cooperation in conjunction with Makerere University, and National Environment Management.
Sarah is the General Secretary of Rural Development Media and Communication (RUDMEC), a media and development non-governmental organisation. Sarah has got knowledge and expertise in Developmental Media Communication Assignments and she is a knowledge partner with Africa Farm Radio and Research Institute AFRRI Canada– Uganda Chapter, coordinating a journalist environmental exchange program for youth volunteers in Eastern and Southern Africa funded by the Norwegian government for the last ten years.
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Mulumba Mathias Ssuuna
Mulumba Mathias Ssuuna
UNDF Board Member
Mathias is a holder of Master’s Degree in Development Studies, he has worked with different institutions at international, national and government level in different sectors like Health Promotion, Organizational development, Strategic Planning, Management, Monitoring and evaluation, Participatory development approaches, information management, Disaster Management, Coordination and Management of organizations, strategic planning, public private partnerships, Development Research, Human resource Development, Right-Based Development approach, Budget/planning processes, Strengthening Relationship between CSOS and both National and Local Governments, Networking and advocacy, Decentralization and Good Governance approaches, Gender mainstreaming, Food security programming, resource mobilization and general sustainable development management etc.
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Okonera Vincent
Okonera Vincent
UNDF Board Member
Vincent is a holder of Bachelors Degree (Public Administration) specializing in Human Resource management with Diploma (Business studies) specializing in accounting. He is an experienced administrator, public relations officer, office manager and trainer with extensive knowledge in organizational development, capacity building, facilitation and instruction, human resource management, project planning and management, volunteer management, disaster response and risk reduction, business development and management, resource mobilization skills and research, and data collection. With an impressive track record of 14 years on cross boarder projects, Vincent implemented the ROADS cross border project funded by USAID and successfully managed the status of River Malaba project under the Nile Trans-boundary Environment Action program (NTEAP) funded by UNDP, negotiated and successfully implemented the lake Victoria project funded by Swedish Red cross and he worked as Senior Manager with Uganda Red cross society for 12 years.
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The Uganda NDF has commenced on a series of activities which discuss how to increase engagement with NBI; raising awareness in schools and hosting debates on Nile basin related activities to promote dialogue with civil society.


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