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The NDF in Rwanda was legally registered in 2006 as Nile Basin Discourse Forum. The main mission of the Rwanda NDF is to bring the Civil Society Organisations in Rwanda to a level of fully playing their role in the Nile Basin development designed by the Nile Basin Initiative through competence development, capacity building, setting up networks and solid links on all the levels of the Civil Society and the Government.
Functional Organisation Structure of Rwanda NDF
The NDF currently has 38 CSO members and with no individual members. Since 2012, Rwanda NDF (RNDF) has been able to secure external funding and therefore has remained very active in the areas of solar energy generation, climate change, water harvesting, clean drinking water, conflict resolution and agriculture. It is able to present its issues every month to Rwanda people through one of the national television stations.

RNDF has a strict membership criterion and this explains why it is among the smallest NDFs in the Basin in terms of the size of CSO membership. A CSO aspiring to become a member has to demonstrate its achievements and provide innovative ways in which it will contribute to the welfare of the NDF. RNDF, just like other CSOs in Rwanda, is under the regulation of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB).

The NDF has a very simple structure that allows CSO members to have direct representation to the national executive committee (Functional organisation Structure). It has also an independent office in Kigali.

NDF Leadership

Sehene Jean Chrysostome
Sehene Jean Chrysostome
Chrysostome is an environmentalist by profession with a Masters in Education for Sustainability, London South Bank University Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences (Sociology) from the National University of Rwanda; he is also perusing a Masters’ Degree in Development and Environment Education at the London South Bank University (Distance Learning Program). Sehene has worked with Rwanda Environmental Conservation Organisation (RECOR) as the Executive Secretary since 2007; he also worked with Agro Forestry Center Rwanda as the Field and Research Officer (2005-2006). He is the treasurer of the Nile Basin Discourse and technical advisor of Rwanda National Discourse Forum, his area of expertise include policy analysis, budget development and analysis; advocacy programmes development and management, community related projects in environment and development management and Audit training and facilitation techniques.
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Emmanuel Safari
Emmanuel Safari
Legal Advisor
Emmanuel is a lawyer by profession and a legal advisor to the Rwanda National Discourse Forum, he is an Executive Director and he has been in the legal service for the last 12 years. With experience in human rights and advocacy, Emmanuel has handled various management issues at different levels.
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