In the picture: Mr. Edimond Dieudonné HAKIZIMANA, the Chairperson of Burundi National Discourse Forum Commended for its contribution to OBEA 's success

It is almost a year now that the “Forum Burundais de la société civile du bassin du Nil” (FCBN) joined other national stakeholders to establish the National Water and Sanitation Observatory platform (OBEA). The aim to join OBEA (Observatoire Burundais Aau et Assainissement) was to address the challenges on irrational water use in the country. FCBN joined with its huge membership of 40 Civil Society Organizations and one of its members, AVEDEC (Association Villageoise d'Entraide et de Développement Communautaire) was elected to chair the platform through its chairman Mr. Nestor Mburente. 

The FCBN contribution towards the success of OBEA was commended by the representative of the Ministry of Environment with the support of GIZ Cooperation. This event gathered these institutions together with the media practitioners in July 2017.
Protection of Lake Tanganyika was among many points of discussion where the expert demonstrated how the lake is being undermined by pollutants from the surrounding scenery.  

The Burundi National Discourse Forum (FCBN) sounded warning signals to all development actors to protect  Lake Tanganyika and all aquatic ecosystems two years ago. In 2015, FCBN and Poleni Institute conducted a study on effects of the exploration & exploitation of hydrocarbons in Lake Tanganyika.
The study warned of extinction of aquatic fauna once the exportation uses ultrasounds system. The study said that ultrasounds spread over a hundred kilometers underwater causing harmful noise pollution to aquatic fauna. Due to its rich ecosystem, the study recommended that the Lake must be protected and any exploration must be done with care of fauna and total safety of the surrounding.