One of participant during the workshop
Building capacity of members of Burundi National Discourse Forum (BNDF) is seen as an option to boost their knowledge in mainstreaming gender in all of their action plans. From 16th to 20th November 2017  in Bujumbura, CIDEP (Centre d’appui aux Initiatives locale de Développement et d’Assistance aux Personnes Vulnérables) - a BNDF member in partnership with ACORD-BURUNDI organized a five day training workshop on gender mainstreaming for CIDEP members.

The participants were equipped with knowledge on  key  considerations while mainstreaming gender in their  projects and action plans such as differences between  women and men; positive and negative gender relations; key gender concepts such as equity and equality; gender and cultural change; gender and social exclusion, etc.

Through exercise and discussions, it was recommended to CIDEP  to revise its Action Plan on Gender mainstreaming in its framework; and to choose the priority actions that do not require a lot of financial means in order to quick-start its implementation.

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