Outskirt area of Bururi Forest/ Photo BNDF
The National Discourse forum Burundi (BNDF) joined other in-country environmental protection stakeholders in training for improving climate change resilience of their communities by protecting the environment and reducing Climate change impacts.

The five day training of national stakeholders on climate resilience was organized by World Vision Burundi from 22nd - 26th May, 2017. The training assessed the situation of climate change and environment protection in the country.  

The representatives of the Ministry of Environment encouraged all stakeholders to continue protecting forests and planting additional trees.  At the training workshop, participants proposed innovative ideas of to protect environment that include such as renewable energy and improved cooking stoves.

Burundi NDF has been contributing to the protection of the environment since its establishment.  Under the support of IUCN, the Burundi NDF played a key role in sensitization and mobilization of local communities on the reduction of tree consumption.  

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