Participants of Egypt Environment Day celebrations
Every year on the 27th of January Egypt celebrates the ratification of the law number 4 for the year 1994, and amended to the law number 9 for the year 2009. This year's celebration was attended by environmental experts, Development experts, decision makers, and civil society organizations to discuss the environmental situation in Egypt; its needs, its priorities and the actions that have to be taken from all sectors of the country for effective cooperation and partnership for environmental protection.
This year, under the auspices of the Egyptian Minister of State for Environment, Dr. Khaled Fahmy, The Arab Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE), the Egyptian Forum for Sustainable Development (EFSD), and Egypt National Discourse Forum (EgNDF) organized an event to celebrate the National Environment Day, 2018. The event took an important developmental step towards sustainable development, water, Agriculture, and energy sector.

In his speech, Dr. Emad Adly, the Chair Person of AOYE and EgNDF, stated the importance of the National Environment Day as it is a celebration for all who are concerned and interested in the environmental and developmental sector in Egypt.

He pointed out the importance of developing cooperative projects between all governmental, civil society, and legislative sectors. He stressed on the importance of developing active communication channels among the concerned sectors to get outcomes and solutions for the environmental problems in Egypt and to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

Dr. Mohamed Salah - a Consultant from the Ministry of State for Environment, stated that the celebration of the National Environment Day is a consolidation of faith for all sectors and institutions in Egypt and the significance of natural resources and how it is related to developmental projects and citizen welfare. 

The celebration shed light on the legislative measures in the water, energy and agriculture sector to ensure sustainability besides discussing the mechanism of forming an effective participatory framework between the civil sector, the government sector, the private sector and the media. 

The national environment Day celebration also marked the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Egyptian Forum for Sustainable Development.

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