Edward Alitsi, VCDO Executive Director (R) onlooking as one of VCDO Staff exhibiting what they do in Beekeeping during Nile Day 2016/ Photo NBD
Kenya National Discourse Forum (KNDF)’s presence at grassroots community level in Kisumu continues to help the community in alleviating poverty by initiating projects and initiatives that improve community livelihoods.

Two community organizations that are members of KNDF in Kisumu took the lead in helping the community to venture into money generating projects such as beekeeping and water and sanitation.

In Vihiga County, the Vihiga Community Development Organization (VCDO), promotes   activities to improve community livelihoods. According to Edward Alitsi, the VCDO Executive Director, the last 5 years VCDO decided to focus on beekeeping to encourage the Vihiga Community to venture into beekeeping as business harmless to environment.

He said that they are practically keen on involving youth and women because beekeeping has a tremendous potential for job creation and income generation.
“We promote environmental conservation by involving schools and individual farmers to plant trees especially indigenous trees as bees depend on pollen from their flowers. So we are able to enhance the biodiversity to conserve water in the soil and we are contributing environmental protection in the Nile Basin” He said.

Similarly, Kakamega County, located at 21 kilometers from Vihiga County, formed the Maragoli Hills Water Resource Users Association (MAHIWRUA) which focuses on activities to the improvement of access to clean water by the community surrounding Maragoli hills. Maragoli is located in Western, Kenya with an estmate of terrain elevation of 1808 meters above sea level.

Caleb Malongo, the Chairperson of   MAHIWRUA, emphasized the need for accessibility to clean water in the surrounding communities.
He said that it is important to manage water resources and that more projects are needed in the area to help people accessing enough clean water facilities. So far, MAHIWRUA has established  14 fish ponds  for the community and  protected  4  springs  together  with three schools  which  got water harvesting tanks each in 2013. However, Malongo said that community appreciation on environmental management is still low as evidenced by overgrazing in Maragoli Hills that has caused soil erosion.
KNDF which has multi-stakeholder membership across the country, has its headquarters are located in Kisumu. KNDF is mandated to address issues that include   environment, agriculture, land use, water & sanitation and energy among others. They operate in the Lake Victoria basin on activities lead to socio-economic development.

For more information about KNDF please visit the Kenya NDF Window HERE

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