Nicholas Omondi picking eggs at his urban farm
Victoria Eco-Farm is located in Dunga beach along the shores of Lake Victoria in Kisumu. The farm has been in existence since 2006 and produces different products like poultry for meat and eggs, milk from the dairy cattle, honey from bee keeping and also rear dogs for sale. The products have been generating good income while using a small piece of land since they don’t need huge chunks of land to keep.

Victoria Eco-Farm is an affiliate of OSIENALA which is a member of Kenya Nile Discourse Forum ( KNDF). The farm is involved in Bee Keeping, Poultry Farming, Dog rearing and keeping of Dairy Cows.

Victoria Eco-Farm hosts visitors and trains them on urban agriculture thought this has been cut short by the outbreak of the Corona Virus which made it difficult to host visitors. The visitors were majorly from learning institutions, community groups, farmers and potential farmers among other interest groups.

The project is generating good income to an extent that Nicholas who is working in a local FM station is currently more engaged with his farming project more than radio work. He says there is immense opportunity that is yet to be tapped by the residents when it comes to food production within Kisumu County.

Kisumu County is food insecure since it is being fed by the neighboring counties that supply most of its vegetables, cereals, and milk among other food items. It is time the residents wake up and take up farming seriously to generate both income and improve food security of the County. Youth and Women groups can take up this challenge to generate income thus reducing poverty levels while improving food security within the Nile Basin.

Content generated by  Nicholas Omondi/ Kenya

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