TAHEA is promoting Orange Sweet Potato for Health and Income Generation
The Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (OFSP) have been promoted due to its added value, as they are source of vitamin A content for rural farming communities.

TAHEA works in partnership with other Organizations to promote Sweet Potato Production especially Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) for health, nutrition, food security and income for resource poor households.

In the line with the project implementation, TAHEA trained Ukerewe prison officials on benefits of Orange sweet potatoes. The objective of training prison officials was to later replicate the acquired knowledge in respective prisons.

TAHEA conducted several trainings to farmers on crop farming, processing, storage, product development, utilization and marketing. It also conducted nutrition education and demonstration of sweet potato improved dishes for household utilization.

After a year, the Ukerewe Prison Medical Officer narrated that, the Monthly Medical Kit provided by the Government was previously finished out in less than two weeks. Now the Kit goes to One and a half months due to Health improvements of the Prisoners; as they eat raw and cooked OFSP.

Currently, the organization implements three main Programs: Agriculture, Education and Health under which 7 projects are currently operating.
TAHEA urges other Agriculturists, Health and Home Economist stakeholders, Civil Society Organizations and Government at large to incorporate the OFSP agenda in their implementation activities as it has proved positively as a source of VITAMIN A.

Some benefits of OFSP:

- OFSP leaves as vegetables can also sell and/or process and sundry for future use.
- OFSP Roots for food and/ or processing for flour. The OFSP flour can be used for confectionary making Queen Cakes, spaghetti, Bans, Samosa and the like
- OFSP Vines as for feeding animals and/or used for seedlings.

Content Generated by Hadija Malimusi/ Tanzania

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