Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA-MWANZA) has been implementing the promotion of Sweet Potato production including Orange Fresh Sweet Potato (OFSP) for food security, climate change resilience, health and nutrition, and income generation since 2000 to June, 2018.

The programme was implemented in three districts: Ukerewe, Sengerema and Geita. A total of 60 villages were covered during programme implementation and reaching hundreds of households.

TAHEA managed to conduct all activities in 42 villages (2 villages in Sengerema district where the project was launched, 15 villages in Ukerewe and 25 villages in Geita District).
TAHEA with Farm Concern, had implemented SeFaMaCo Model which harmonized seed availability, increased production by farmers.

A total of 6,699,645 cuttings with 30 centimeters length were multiplied for root production fields (201 hectors planted)
Local Government Authority and Tanzania Nile Basin Discourse (TNDF) participated fully to support the project effort concerning their farmer’s challenges on technicalities, market, seed availability especially sweet potatoes crop.

Commercialization campaigns were very successful as many members agreed to join Commercial Producer Groups (CPGs) regardless of few members who attended the campaign forums. 

Support by Ward Councilors was also very important as the attendance also increased as the Ward Councilors attended.

TAHEA is a professional National Non-Government Organization (NGO’s) founded in March, 1980. It facilitates development processes among resource poor families and communities, supporting them to utilize their potential to improve their living standards socially and economically. TAHEA-Mwanza is a registered and active member of the Tanzania National Discourse Forum.

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