Uganda National Discourse Forum (UNDF) shares with and learns from the 1st Nile Basin Discourse Summit (NBDS). More than 50 members of the UNDF attended and participated in various sessions of the Nile Basin Discourse Summit 2017 held in Entebbe, Uganda from 29th - 30th November 2017. 

Participants benefited from different presentations and discussions on various topics linked with the summit theme “Integration and Inclusion: New Ideas for collaboration in River Basins Management Policies and Practices” and exhibitions which included best practices of how they are working with the basin communities to solve the basin's challenges.
UNDF members along with other exhibitors showcased natural pest sides, natural fertilizers, rare crop seedlings, waste management practices, fuel saving innovations, Income generating activities suitable for the vulnerable poor women and youth including arts and crafts, water purification innovations, and innovative community participatory approaches among others.

Apart from learning, participants contributed to all activities and sessions of the summit under the different Sub-Themes:  Nurturing Cooperation for Sustainable Development, Knowledge exchange and water governance, and Capacity Building and Innovation

UNDF also had the opportunity to hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as a side event to discuss on the governance of the Forum; having previously failed to raise quorum to hold the AGM, the summit presented a gathering opportunity for members and the AGM was held. The major focus of the AGM was to elect the new Board of Directors whose mandate will be to govern UNDF for the next five years (Nov 2017 to Nov 2022).

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