ENTEBBE, Uganda – NBD would like to extend its warmest congratulations to the Ethiopian and Egyptian Prime Minister’s on the recent agreement to open a new chapter of relations based on a win – win strategy and set up a technical team to review the impacts of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The outcomes of this meeting have clearly confirmed Ethiopia’s and Egypt’s deep commitment to Fostering Nile Cooperation – a gap that the Nile Basin Discourse (NBD) has always strived to bridge under the leadership of the Nile riparian states.

NBD applauds Ethiopia’s and Egypt’s commitment to developing an integrated development plan that benefits all the Nile riparian countries. NBD is confident that the Ethiopian and Egyptian Prime Minister’s, under the new chapter of cooperation, will expand the space for stakeholder engagement and ensure that the technical team that will be constituted provides more opportunities to enhance civil society participation in Nile Cooperation processes and programmes. NBD calls for continued cooperation of all riparian states and ensuring that the focus is on real issues relating to the Nile and affecting the citizens of the Nile Basin. Strong partnership with NBD will help the Nile riparian Governments to achieve the commitments made recently by the Ethiopian and Egyptian Prime Ministers, with the aim of empowering Nile Basin people to be in control of their own development. In NBD’s opinion, this is the only way to ensure that development is sustainable.

NBD’s reiterates its commitment and determination to work with all the Nile riparian Governments to strengthen Nile Cooperation and add value to the Nile Basin programmes and processes. NBD wishes Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan every success in the implementation of the new agreement for the benefit of the Nile Basin citizens.

Note to the Editor:
Water resources development is of great importance to Nile Basin Member Countries in as far as it enables them meet their development objectives. Among other things, water resources development will contribute to increased access to reliable and cheap electricity, increased food security and productivity and increased protection and management of the environment as a basis for livelihoods of the basin populations.

However, water resources development interventions that are not founded on a sound understanding of the water resources potential, that do not involve stakeholders in decision making, and do not incorporate other best practices in water resources management, is unsustainable. NBD is assisting member countries
overcome the above challenges through its three core functions of: Fostering Nile Cooperation through enhanced stakeholder engagement, Ensuring access to information by all stakeholders (knowledge management) and enhancing integrated Water Resources Management and Development.

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